Computer Engineering

Prof. Dr. Lothar Thiele Head
Prof. Dr. Lothar Thiele
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The Computer Engineering Research Group (TEC) concentrates on design, engineering methodologies and tools for embedded systems. TEC is active in embedded software for distributed real-time systems as well as in the design of mobile information and communication systems. In particular, we are interested in analytic methods for performance evaluation, multiprocessors-on-chip and sensor networks. In addition, the research group is investigating applications which benefit from multi-objective optimization such as the design of embedded system architectures and embedded software under conflicting criteria.

The research of TEC is funded by direct industry projects, various EU projects, KTI (Swiss Confederation's Innovation Promotion Agency), SNF (Swiss National Science Foundation) and NCCR (Swiss National Research Center).

Networked Systems

Prof. Dr. Laurent Vanbever Head
Prof. Dr. Laurent Vanbever
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The Internet is arguably one of the most successful technologies ever produced. In less than 30 years, it went from a research experiment to interconnect close to 40% of the world's population. Of course, each success comes with its own set of challenges. The Internet is no exception. One of the main challenges the Internet is facing is that it was not designed to be used this way: most of the Internet technologies were designed more than two decades ago! The huge gap between the network design and the usages made of it creates many issues ranging from scalability, security and efficiency to Internet governance.

The goal of the Networked Systems Group (NSG) is to modernize computer networks making them more efficient, flexible and reliable. To do so, we believe in the value of building theoretical foundations allowing for a rigorous understanding of the problems before finding creative ways to apply these results back in the real world. As such, we always strive to develop solutions that either work today or offer significant benefits in the early stages of their deployments.

Distributed Computing

Prof. Dr. Roger Wattenhofer Head
Prof. Dr. Roger Wattenhofer
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The research interests of The Distributed Computing Research Group (DISCO) include a variety of algorithmic and systems aspects in networking and distributed computing. In particular, the research group's activities comprise the following fields:

theory of distributed computing, distributed systems, peer-to-peer computing, mobile computing, networking, wireless networks, ad hoc and sensor networks, network theory, routing, file systems, video streaming, distributed algorithms, distributed data structures, local algorithms, decentralization of data and algorithms, online and approximation algorithms, randomization, game theory, incentives, mechanism design, social networks, small-world networks.